nai harvest @ 13th note, glasgow


nai harvest @ 13th note, glasgow

Where do you guys record?



SEAHAVEN w/ Nai Harvest + Battle Lines // Green Door Store // 17/4/2014

The relaxed melodies and distinctive anthem-like sound of Seahaven topped off a brilliant night of music, as the American five-piece impressed on the opening night of their UK tour.

Battle Lines opened the night with a showcase of their hard-hitting dream-pop in an impressively tight half hour set. The electronica influences shone through as synth patterns were expanded upon with guitar drones, which sat underneath Melanie Gardiner’s punchy vocals. Big, feedback-ridden outros gripped the crowd as the Leeds-based four-piece impressed early on.

Nai Harvest were next up on the bill. The band consists of frontman and guitarist, Ben Thompson and drummer, Lew Currie. Thompson uses an array of pedals and line switchers to alter between guitar and bass tones, creating an impressive illusion of a full band, sitting on top of Currie’s emo-influenced, crowded drum patterns. The two-piece began their set with popular track, Whatever, before playing through newly released EP, Hold Open My Head in it’s entirety.

Headliners, Seahaven then took to the stage. Recent release, Reverie Lagoon: Music For Escapism Only, saw the group replace their heavier style with dreamy, prettier tones. Rhythmically, the original, rocky vibe has faded, however this was made up for with long, progressive riffs and electric energy.

Crunchy riffs opened before slow-building melodic layers mellowed out the second half of the gig. Syncopated drums kept an original feel to the music and the various guitar tracks allowed frontman, Kyle Soto’s captivating vocals to sit perfectly in the mix.

The band seemed determined to keep their audience intrigued, altering the atmosphere by varying the intensity of songs. Soto put on a chilling solo performance of Honeybee, before the conversing guitar tones of It’s Over brought a heavier feel back to the show with it’s clean and fuzzy tones.

An ambient sample was played between tracks, creating haunting, ambient fills. However, this effect quickly became repetitive and felt overused.

Seahaven’s rich sound combined perfectly with a vibrant performance. The band’s new-found authenticity clearly shows they are moving in a positive direction.

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So gutted you guys aren't playing that newcastle show anymore I was so hyped :( come newcastle soon pls x

We will soon, we’re so sorry, real life stuff sucks and gets in the way sometimes x

Any chance of a set list for Birmingham on Thursday?

HOMH in full and a couple oldies and a new new one

you should really play preston area, also any chance of reprinting whatever on 12"?

We play Manchester tomorrow! That’s close

3rd press coming June time

Why are you so pissed off about Neil Harvest?

Imagine a world where idiots didn’t listen to our band, now that’s a world we could live in

Which song from the new 7" seems to get the best reception at shows?

Hold Open My Head cus it’s the single? Depends what you mean by reception

Do you think you will have any Hold Open My Head vinyls left in Poland in may?

2nd press yeah!

what merch have you guys brought with you for the seahaven tour? I'm seeing you on Wednesday and I wanna buy some stuffff

We got shirts and a longsleeve! And the 7” - BRING MONEY £££

are yall gonna come to texas? please :(



Nai Harvest, Outbreak Fest ‘14. 


Nai Harvest

Gullivers Manchester, 16 March, 2014

POZ Show Review: Hit The Deck Festival


by Zac Lomas, edited by Erik van Rheenen

Festival season in Europe is a special thing; it ushers in the warm months of spring and summer, while simultaneously inciting the masses to descend on various metropolitan and rural areas, all for a common love of music. 
On April 19, Hit The Deck Festival (advertised as the UK’s largest indoor festival) officially kicked off festival season 2014 with the Bristol date of their two-day Easter Weekend party.
Spread across eight stages at five different venues in Bristol’s city center, Hit The Deck provided an invariable maze to festivalgoers scurrying through winding streets and Saturday afternoon traffic.  However, the festival’s layout was certainly manageable and after getting acclimated to the area of the city serving as makeshift festival grounds I made my way to a venue called The Fleece just in time to catch Sheffield’s own Nai Harvest.
The recent Topshelf signees and 90s throwback duo presented quite a forceful presence on stage, even with their simplistic two man take on the beloved genre of emo.  With parted bleached blonde hair and a ratty Rites of Spring t-shirt vocalist, guitarist Ben Thompson came off as entirely Cobain-esque, pouring every ounce of pain and suffering into the harrowing words desperately expelled from his lungs. 
Highlights of this shoegaze extravaganza included purely cathartic performances of “Hold Open My Head” and “Rush,” the two opening tracks off of the band’s latest EP aptly titled Hold Open My Head.  Thompson’s glum delivery of lines like “Everything I love is dead. Kill my heart, kill my head. I’ll be here lying in bed when everything I love is dead” cemented their place as one of the saddest and most genuine artists at Hit The Deck.

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nai harvest @ hit the deck, nottingham